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Legless Chihuahua Puppies Rescued

The North Shore Animal League of Port Washington, NY, recently took in three Chihuahua puppies who were born without front legs. Venus, Carmen and Pablo are four months old and eagerly explore their surroundings despite their handicap. They receive physical therapy to strengthen their back legs. Shelter staff believe the pups are the result of a “backyard breeder,” someone who breeds out of ignorance or greed. If you would like to see videos of the puppies or donate toward their care, go to A Story of Hope. They will be available for adoption in a few months. Shelter staff would prefer that all three pups go to one very special home. - Julia Kamysz Lane

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I rescued a two-legged chihuahua once named "EZ". He was also missing his front two legs from birth. He got around as fast as any other chihuahua, even faster than a cat! He would put his chest on the floor and scoot forward with his back legs. He could also stand on his back legs like a kangaroo. I asked around about customizing a wheeley cart for him, but all the manufacturers said dogs missing front legs rarely learn to use the carts with the back legs. EZ was full of life and had no idea he was disadvantaged at all. When I first rescued him, I thought it would take me a long time to find someone willing to adopt him, but boy was I wrong! So many people came forward after hearing EZ's story. There are many kind-hearted people out there who only want to adopt "unadoptable" animals. EZ is in a very loving home in Lancaster, PA with a woman who has other disadvantaged animals. She devotes all her time and resources to her animals and she has built a ramp for EZ so he can go outside and enjoy the sun. I hope Venus, Carmen and Pablo from North Shore will be loved and cared for wherever they go.

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