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Tattoo Love Continued

Lizs_tattoo Eddies_tatt Bianca Buddie_tatoo_2 There is a universe of funny, quirky, beautiful and heart-felt dog-sparked tattoos out there, and thanks to our readers we’re seeing fine examples of pups-on-skin and hearing the touching stories behind them. Rescuing Huskies inspired Liz Beiter of Siberian Husky Club of Greater New York to ink a pair of blue-eyed sled dogs onto her body last May. The Dachshund on Kathleen Eddy’s ankle celebrates all the Dachshunds of her life; they've brought her 53 years of joy so far. Currently, Eddy lives with Bailey, the wirehaired boy, in Elk Grove, California. Tammy Stevens pays tribute to a standard poodle named Bianca with a stylized illustration. Three days after her dog Buddie died, Kim Johnston created a rainbow-bone heart memorial at a tattoo parlor appropriately called Love Dog Tattoo in Santa Cruz, California.
Still more tattoos to come. And, remember, you can see enlarged images by clicking on the tattoo photos.

Lisa Wogan

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