Dog Is My Co-Pilot…Again?

BioArts, a California biotech company, will auction five opportunities to clone dogs on June 18. Bidding in the venture it calls Best Friends Again starts at $100,000 per dog. Last I heard, a South Korean scientist’s efforts to clone an Afghan Hound had been discredited. But, according to a New York Times story last week, BioArts’s chief executive has successfully cloned his late Border Collie-Husky three times already. (And that South Korean scientist, Hwang Woo Suk, is part of the team that did it.)

So apparently the how of cloning dogs as been answered. What I can't figure is the why.

Lisa Wogan

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Learning Opportunities

It's September, and one's thoughts naturally turn Well, yes. Now that summer's frivolity is officially behind us, we might be interested in expanding our horizons, deepening our knowledge base, satisfying our curiosity. If so, here are two possibilities.

Portland, Oregon's Lewis & Clark Law School, home of the National Center for Animal Law, is hosting the 15th Annual Animal Law Conference (September 28 to September 30). The topic this year is "Building Bridges: Strengthening the Animal Advocacy Movement," and the focus is on improving relationships among activist groups for the mutual benefit of animals, humans, and the environment. Among the topics covered are the real issues behind "dangerous dogs" and the debate over civil damages for companion animals. You don't have to be an attorney or even a formal activist to attend! Everyone's welcome, according to conference organizers.

Then, October 19 to October 21, in Valley Cottage, NY, the first-ever camp devoted to Animal Assisted Therapy will be held. It's a weekend of workshops, presentations, and special events for dogs and handlers. The goal is to improve the therapy dog/handler bond and make every aspect of pet therapy safer, more effective and more rewarding. The registration deadline is September 15, and there are a few spaces left, so if you're interested, rush on over to the website and find out more.
Susan Tasaki

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Spin Master Needed

The Petfinder notes for Scooter3, a one-eyed loner listed for adoption by Small Dog Rescue in Princeton, New Jersey begin:

A beautiful but nasty little Pom/Chi mix, long haired, a real looker, but he’d sooner end up attached to your fingers or shredding them, than be nice.

In a description that could have flowed straight from the pen of Lemony Snicket, Scooter3’s “flowing red hair” and “winsome look” are about the only things to recommend this lap-hating four-year-old. He also doesn’t like cats, is a finicky eater, and uses his one good eye to aim well “when he goes for you.”

While honesty is the best policy, this listing’s author has no future in the ad biz. I'm hoping a seasoned dog lover will provide a good home to this gnarly terror.

Lisa Wogan

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Compassion in Action

Looking for a worthwhile way to spend your summer? Check this out.
Animal Acres Farmed Animal Sanctuary INTERNSHIP PROGRAM

Animal Acres, the Los Angeles farmed animal sanctuary directed by Farm Sanctuary co-founder Lorri Bauston, is now accepting applications for summer interns.

This special volunteer program offers individuals an opportunity to live and work on the sanctuary, and be a part of an effective rescued, education and advocacy organization for farmed animals.

Interns are involved in all aspects of operating a farmed animal sanctuary - from caring for rescued farmed animals to assisting with administrative and fundraising operations and conducting education tours and special events. The internship is a great opportunity to learn AND make a direct difference for suffering farmed animals.

Internships are open to all individuals age 18 and over. Interns are required to sign up for a one-month internship, and are provided dormitory-style housing on the sanctuary premises. The internship program is limited to two interns per month, so please contact us to schedule a summer internship at Animal Acres. Please go to for further information and an internship application or call 661.269.5404.

5200 Escondido Canyon Road Acton, CA 93510
Phone: 661.269.5404   Fax: 661.269.0194

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