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Ames to get a dog park?

The folks in Ames, Iowa, are looking to add a dog park to their recreational facilities:

[Dru Frykberg, the newly elected president of Friends of the Ames Dog Park,] points out that many Ames dog owners, including ISU students, are renters who would benefit from a dog park. A park would not only help the dogs, but could serve as an important social outlet for humans too, Frykberg said, emphasizing how people interact with each other as they watch their dogs play together.

Woof! Woof! to Frykberg, and may Ames get off-leash recreation soon!

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We are visiting here from Wisconsin and we have our 1 year old boxer with us. Right now I am sitting at University Inn (Now Days Inn) on the lobby computer...looking for a place to take my long legged (4 legged) friend to expend some energy. Being a college town - I figured it would just be cool to have a dog park. This blog is the first mention I was able to find in regards to a dog park! Oscar (the boxer) and I are here to cast our vote! YES PLEASE AMES, GIVE US A DOG PARK!

Posted by: Jennifer | Jul 31, 2008 6:44:45 AM

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