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Can you foster? Can you help?

The animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina are now being sent across the country to shelters that are willing to help. A much-publicized airlift of dogs arrived in California a couple of nights ago, with the animals distributed throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. If the owners are unable to reconnect with their animals -- or unable to keep them any longer -- the dogs will eventually be put up for adoption.

If you've ever thought about fostering a pet, or even adopting one that was already in the shelter, to make room for a refugee ... there has never been a better time than now! Contact your local shelter and see how you can help. And if you cannot take in one more, a cash donation will help with the extra expenses.

The wonderful Web site Petfinder has really stepped up during this crisis. Check out the animals for adoption, and see if you can help. -- Gina Spadafori

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Thanks so much for this post! As a rescue foster home myself I know that all of the shelters and rescue organizations in the area are trying to take in all they can with their already stretched resources. And thank you for mentioning that one way to help is to foster or adopt those that have been waiting at the shelters and rescues, to make room for the newly displaced. I know a lot of people will soon be responding that they want a Katrina dog or cat, but ANY rescue adoption is a valuable adoption as it only makes room for more to be helped. Please fall in love with the individual and not just the cause.

Posted by: Kate | Sep 15, 2005 11:47:07 AM

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