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Katrina rescues: The chapter closes

In addition to starting her "Snowball Effect" campaign, Phyllis DeGioia has taken two Katrina foster dogs into her home. In this report, Bella goes to her new forever home.


Bellam The day after Thanksgiving, Bella went to her forever home. The family, a close-knit mother (Mel) and teenage daughter (Alisha) had been waiting to take Bella home since they met her 6 weeks prior. Bella had to get healthy first: spayed, mammary gland cancer surgery, difficult heartworm treatment. When they got here, I placed Bella on Alisha’s lap, and Bella sighed deeply and snuggled into Alisha’s arms. Then Mel took Bella for a bit, where Bella settled into her arms.

When they left, Bella didn’t look back. Dogs don’t do that. I cried so hard for so long I gave myself a headache.

Clint found his forever home with me, and Bella found hers with Mel and Alisha. Clint has all the vet visits and incontinence products he needs, and Bella will end up with a pink satin bed and a rhinestone collar and every toy imaginable. She’ll sleep in Alisha’s bed every night. Mel e-mails me daily to say Bella is adjusting well; last night Bella sat on command three times. My cat, Chelsea, is thrilled and has been prowling the living room again, wondering why there is often a “poodle rodent” on my lap.

And so our chapter closes, even though other displaced people and pets are still experiencing upheaval. During this holiday season, full of change for so many, let’s all hope for a better new year to all of the Katrina-displaced pets, former owners who never reunited with their pets., rescue people who worked themselves into exhaustion, and foster homes, all of whom lost a piece of their hearts in Katrina’s wild winds. -- Phyllis DeGioia, editor, VeterinaryPartner.com

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It warms my heart that there are people miles away from the devastated hurricane areas who are willing to take in the poor animals left behind, to no fault of their own!

You open up your hearts and homes to these animals, and care for them, and keep them safe from now on!

You are all heroes!

Posted by: Mo | Dec 1, 2005 9:42:04 AM

What a happy/sad story -- it's been wonderful following the adventures of Clint and Bella via your blog. You need to have a big heart to care for animals, and I think you need an even bigger one to be able to let them go.

Posted by: Leigh-Ann | Nov 30, 2005 7:22:13 PM

Many, many thanks go out to you from so many people, for opening your home and your heart, providing care and love, and then being willing to surrender those you cared for in the end.

You have done a truly selfless and noble thing. Praise and congratulations to you on a job well done.

I know Clint and Bella greatly appreciate it and will never forget. I'm happy Clint is staying with you- that will help ease your hurt some. Mel and Alisha are in your debt, as well.

Posted by: KCC | Nov 29, 2005 12:10:38 PM

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