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Must-See TV

On PBS last Sunday, “The Rise of the Dog” (the first of a two-part Nature documentary entitled "Dogs That Changed the World") explored the highly controversial garbage-heap theory of dog domestication and a novel genetic analysis that traces most ancient breeds back to East Asia. For folks who keep up with their canine reading, these may not be earth-shattering or even persuasive insights. But the beautifully filmed documentary made one especially critical point: Dogs have earned a singular place in our lives. From shepherds in Scotland to sled dogs in the Arctic, our connection to and reliance on dogs is intelligently celebrated on the little screen—and that’s always a good thing.


Don’t miss the second half, “Dog’s By Design” (PBS, Sunday, May 6, 9 p.m. ET), which looks at the harmful impacts of selective breeding and the inspiring contributions of dogs in medical settings, where they sniff out cancer and sense blood-sugar levels in diabetics. SCHEDULE NOTE: A reader points out that the Nature broadcast schedule in Seattle, where I live, is a week behind many other stations, check your local PBS schedule for airing times and rebroadcasts or visit the Nature website, link above, to learn more.


Lisa Wogan

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