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EPA Study Raises Questions

In the upcoming issue of Bark (available on newsstands in early September), in an article titled "The Canines in the Coal Mine?" contributing editor Sophia Yin takes a look at the ways pollutants in the environment affect our dogs. Turns out they also affect our cats...and us.

In today's LA Times, journalist Marla Cone reports on a recently released EPA study that links thyroid disease in cats to flame retardants in some home products and pet foods. In a case of unintended consequences, something developed to protect us from one risk turns out to be a risk itself.

None of this is totally unexpected--as one of Dr. Yin's interviewees noted, unless we stop eating and drinking (and, presumably, breathing), it's hard to avoid some level of exposure to environmental pollutants. The more we know, however, the more informed our decisions can be. Both for our companion animals and ourselves, it's important to make  conscious choices to limit exposure where we can. As someone somewhere must've said, good for the planet, good for us.

And speaking of good for the planet, look for "Wheels of Change," by Kevin Skaggs, an article on alternative forms of personal transportation, also in the upcoming issue.

Susan Tasaki

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