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Is Vick Apology Acceptable?

This past Monday, Michael Vick finally did something right off the football field. He pleaded guilty to federal charges regarding his role in a large dogfighting operation. He also offered a meandering, informal apology directed at NFL employees and children who had looked up to him as a role model.

What about the dogs whose lives he took so cruelly? And the dogs who suffered from their physical and psychological wounds? Vick categorizes what he did wrong as "immature acts." Excuse me? An immature act is a teenager shoplifting a CD, not an adult professional football player drowning, strangling and fighting dogs he deliberately bred and trained to kill each other. Does Vick honestly not know the difference? Or does he think we, the public, don't know or care about the difference?

So many questions remain: What will be the fate of Vick's dogs? Will the NFL's indefinite suspension lead to an outright firing? How much jail time will he serve? Newport News (Va.) reporter Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer does her best to answer those questions and more.

If you're still outraged by the whole tragic situation, as am I, then please voice your concerns to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Atlanta Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino. You can also support nonprofit organizations like HSUS, the ASPCA and your local shelter, all of which strive to end dogfighting and care for its many voiceless victims.


Julia Kamysz Lane

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