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Owner Digs Out Trapped 14-Year-Old Dog

Last Thursday, Aug. 16, Larry Thompson of Genoa, West Virginia, realized that his 14-year-old Dalmatian, Alex, had gone missing. The distraught family finally discovered the dog trapped 15 feet underground in an 80-foot-long storm drain beneath their driveway. After four days of desperate digging, Thompson pulled Alex to safety. Amazingly, despite his advanced age, Alex is doing well as you can see from the videos following his rescue and recovery.

Julia Kamysz Lane

August 22, 2007 in Current Affairs, media | Permalink


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I'm delighted that the Genoa, WV dog was rescued but have to wonder why the owner's tshirt advertising his floor care store was so prominently featured in the film footage aired on CNN - footage that was shot by the nearby Huntington tv station. Is Hometown Floor care an advertising customer?

And according to remarks the owner made in at least one interview, it seems the rescue was a bigger surprise than most of us realized.

"We missed him Saturday afternoon but I'd bet he went into the pipe on Friday," he said."

Or maybe Thursday? Wednesday? My heart aches for the old family dog who'd become so invisible.

Then there's the owner's self-trumpeting remark in a UPI story:
"A lot of people wouldn't give it a time of day or even attempt to get the animal out. I wanted to get him out alive or dead, either one."

Kudos to him for saving his dog, and to the overall media system for hyping this feel-good story that ultimately helps all pets, but if there's a Pet Owner of the Year award, this guy doesn't make the list of finalists, not in my book anyway.

Posted by: Lynn J. | Aug 23, 2007 3:56:04 PM

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