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Show Me the Money

After Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, it seemed like thousands of nonprofit groups initiated fundraising campaigns on behalf of victims. In the months that followed, there were public rumblings that some groups were not following through; they were taking donations in the name of Katrina victims, but directing it to victims of other disasters or using it for other projects altogether. Allegedly, such was the case with Noah's Wish, a nonprofit humane organization based in Sacramento, Calif. In the course of a civil investigation initiated in March 2007 by the California Attorney General, Noah's Wish founder and director Terri Crisp abruptly left the organization. The group recently settled though denies mismanagement. Four million of the original $8 million it raised on behalf of Katrina animal victims will now be under state control to ensure it goes toward its intended purposes, such as building a new animal shelter in Slidell, La. 

Julia Kamysz Lane      

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