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Auto Wash Is All Wet

Have you read about these automated dog washers? Like something out of the brain of Dr. Seuss de Sade, they are essentially side-loading washing machines for dogs and cats (yeah, like a cat’s going to tolerate this). Insert your pet into a glass cabin for a five-minute wash, 30-second rinse and a 20-minute blow dry. According to the recent story in The Vancouver Sun, an owner of a public dog wash sees it as a way to reduce the stress of keeping a reluctant groomee in a tub. Whose stress? Certainly not the dog’s! The Sun followed up its own report with a guest editorial decrying the invention, which got me wondering: Do we have these in the states? Wired wrote about the Spanish-designed Lavakan machines back in 2001 (Pet Wash: A Sadistic Sudser?), and reported that 90 machines had sold in the U.S. and that plans were underway to launch a chain of pet stores using them. They haven’t come to my neighborhood, but I wash my dog at home. I’m hoping these aren’t catching on, but I may just be in my own bubble.

Lisa Wogan

December 10, 2007 in product review | Permalink


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Oh, yes, they have come to the States. There is one in Atlanta. I saw a Lab coming out of one who seemed happy, but you know Labs and water. I would never in a hundred years stick my sweet dogs in one of those things. I think the lazy people should have to try them out first!

Posted by: Rick Roberts | Dec 10, 2007 2:53:28 PM

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