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Get the Lead Out

I’m having a case of déjà vu. Months after Iams, Eukanuba, Ol’ Roy, and dozens of dog and cat food products were swept off shelves due to melamine poisoning, and after Thomas the Tank, Barbie, Polly Pocket and other China-produced toys were recalled due to the dangers of high-energy magnets and lead in toys, members of our families are once again chomping on products that could endanger their health.

Thanks to some enterprising reporters and consumer advocates toxic metals have been detected in pet toys, food bowls and other items produced overseas. The amounts exceed the safety standard set for children by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Of course, CPSC has no safety standards for pets.

While the veterinarians consulted by ConsumerAffairs.com (which found lead and chromium in dog and cat toys) downplayed the dangers, others aren’t so sure. Haven’t we learned anything from the pet food recall?

Consumers need to be smart, and take matters into their own hands. Some experts say tracking down American-made products is a good start (though not foolproof). Others suggest, avoiding latex toys, which are not only frequently implicated in lead testing but also tend to shred. The most important thing will be gathering and sharing the latest information.

Lisa Wogan

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Thank you for the post. It is extremely confusing and frightening what is currently going on within the food and toy industry. It is terrible to think that you are possibly endangering the life of your beloved companion when purchasing a special gift for him/her. With each passing day, I become more and more convinced that perhaps the safest course of action is to make homemade food and learn how to craft toys for my pal.

Posted by: erin | Dec 10, 2007 12:23:10 PM

It's incredibly frustrating really. There's so much disinformation going on. Over here in Sweden we're increasingly talking of "buying Swedish" (or at least Nordic) when it comes to dog products because at least we can trust them. Or so you think.

I firmly believe that the Net will ultimately undermine the bad guys though because so many of my friends and fellow dog friends follow what's going on outside of our region. We try to stay ahead of the game, but it's not easy. Thanks for the info in this post. It's a good to know there's a regular outlet for the "watch out" news.

Posted by: jon | Dec 7, 2007 5:11:50 AM

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