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Is Huckabee a hound?

It’s the Republican primary day in South Carolina and voters in both parties are caucusing in Nevada, so I’ve got presidential politics and dogs on the brain. In the spirit of this hybrid thinking, I listened to an appropriate podcast, Oh Behave’s Arden Moore interviewing Vladae Roytapel. If you’ve managed to miss the marketing juggernaut that is Roytapel, he’s packaged as the Russian Dog Wizard and the “Dr. Phil of Dog Training.” I don’t know much about the quality of his work, but what is it about quirky foreign dog trainers with an emphasis on instant results that makes them so popular these days?

Anyway, Roytapel offered a strange but diverting interpretation of some of the presidential candidates in dog terms. Through the eyes of this former KGB dog trainer, Mitt Romney is a big, handsome Great Dane—perhaps a little too aggressive, especially with dogs of the same sex. John McCain is a German shepherd—loyal, good on security, but also aggressive. Roytapel described Hillary Clinton as a cocker spaniel and pit bull mix in a Labrador retriever skin. John Edwards is a poodle. Barack Obama is an Afghan hound. Kucinich a Chihuahua. Huckabee a fox hound. Guliani an Italian greyhound with a strong predator instinct. Says Roytapel, when an Italian greyhound sees something attractive and moving, he goes for it.

For another look at the Mexican Dog Whisperer’s latest rival, see Roytapel take David Letterman for a walk on Late Night.

Lisa Wogan

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Romney, a Great Dane?
Wasn't the dog he tortured by putting it on top of a car in a carrier on a multi state trip an Irish Setter?

Posted by: Brian | Jan 19, 2008 5:00:33 PM

No way Romney is like a Great Dane. Great Danes are beautiful, sweet, and loyal. Isn't Romney more like a robot dog for people who don't have the time and caring for a real dog?

I'm too fond of dogs and way too partisan to agree with any of the comparisons betweeen Republicans candidates and noble dogs.

I have to disagree with the comparison between Afghans and Barack Obama, too. Both are striking, but Obama has intelligence on the high end of the human scale while Afghans aren't so bright. I think Barack Obama is more of a beautiful mutt. (And I say this as someone who lives with a perfect shelter mutt.) He's got rare qualities, a little mystery, and perhaps an extraordinary future ahead.

Posted by: Mary | Jan 19, 2008 2:22:43 PM

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