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Bad example of the week

When asked why she had 17 dogs, far in excess of Los Angeles’ zoning that permits three-dogs per address, Paris Hilton said: “They keep having babies, and I feel bad about giving them away.” Seems she's really as clueless as we suspected.

Lisa Wogan

February 17, 2008 in Current Affairs | Permalink


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Unbelievable. I'm not sure why celebs like Paris don't think they need to follow basic guidelines for living in our society at all.

As we all know her statement was clearly the sure sign of her intelligence level. Shame, money certainly can't buy you everything.

Poor dogs, surely she doesn't even remember all of their names.

Posted by: Jt Clough | Feb 23, 2008 9:22:46 PM

This is infuriating. Of all the dumb things.... I will not finish that sentence.
Maybe the new mandate that the City of Los Angeles passed recently will make her comply and get her dogs fixed.

Story at http://thoughtsfurpaws.com/?p=24

Posted by: ThoughtsFurPaws | Feb 18, 2008 6:29:39 AM

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