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Chicago Tribune Loves BARk!

To those of us who love dogs, the success of BARk magazine makes perfect sense. Who wouldn't want to read a smart periodical dedicated entirely to our cherished companions? But it's always nice when non-dog people (or entities) admit that they find it fascinating, too. So thank you, Chicago Tribune, for congratulating BARk on its 10-year anniversary in today's editorial, "That's 70 in dog years."

I especially like the dare at the end, in which the editors "defy anyone -- dog-haters and cat-lovers included -- to thumb all the way through BARk without grinning like a border collie. It will make you want to get a dog. Or be one." BARk readers, how do you feel after you read the magazine? Are you compelled to give your dog a big hug? Does it inspire you to try something new with your dog? Or add another pup to the pack? Let us know!

Julia Kamysz Lane

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I just recently subscribed to Bark, but I have been purchasing it off the newstand for about a year, and I LOVE the magazine. Not only is it entertaining and freshly written, but it often has fascinating information I might never have considered otherwise (like ski-joring). My husband and I just adopted our third dog, in no small part to Bark-or maybe just due to our strong desire to rescue every dog in the world. :)
I'd love to see a monthly or quarterly column that gives readers a chance to share their adoption stories-I know we tell ours every chance we get!
Thanks for all that you do!

Posted by: Elizabeth | Feb 17, 2008 4:44:31 PM

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