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Not a Hallmark moment

I’m a sucker for a lost-dog reunion story. I want my free shot of feel-good, but have you ever noticed how in most lost-and-found stories there is usually some weird detail that gets in the way of true misty-eyed pleasure. The case of Luke in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today is a perfect example.

First, the woman who “found” the three-year-old shepherd-beagle mix, actually lifted him out of an off-leash area where she said she thought he’d been abandoned. Why she didn’t ask around or try to find the guardian somewhere in the park is never explained. But you can cut her a little slack because Luke was, after all, naked. At the end of the story, his guardian reveals that he wasn’t wearing a collar. Duh. (Oh, and we learn something about microchips, too: The vet didn’t scan for one.)

Lisa Wogan

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