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Woman Wants Ex's Dog To Be "Axed"

Last night, Anderson Cooper -- reporting live from New Orleans -- and his in-studio substitute, Erica Hill discussed a radio station publicity stunt that went awry. On Valentine's Day, listeners were invited to come down to the Atlanta-based radio station with something that either belonged to or was given to them by an ex and that they no longer wanted. It would then be destroyed in the parking lot with an ax. You'd assume that most people would bring the usual -- old love letters, photos, clothing, stuffed animals, etc. But one woman showed up with her ex-boyfriend's dog! You can see a video of this sweet shepherd mix on CNN. Thankfully, the Humane Society and caring callers intervened, so the dog found a loving home by the end of the day.

Julia Kamysz Lane

February 15, 2008 in Current Affairs, Humane, Legislation, media, Television | Permalink


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