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Sponsor A Dog, Save A Cheetah

Dogs03In the south African country of Namibia, farmers have been caught between cheetah conservationists and and keeping their livestock safe from the spotted predator. So the non-profit organization The Cheetah Conservation Fund initiated a win-win solution. The Livestock Guarding Dog Program provides the farmer with an Anatolian Shepherd puppy who is raised with the livestock and will defend them as an adult. The large, barking dogs deter cheetahs from preying on domestic animals and farmers no longer feel the need to shoot the big cats to protect the herd. You can learn more by clicking on Adopt an Anatolian.

Julia Kamysz Lane

March 4, 2008 in Cool stuff, Current Affairs, Donations , Health, Humane, Legislation, Science, Volunteer | Permalink


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Our Australian Shepherd used to herd the other dogs in the family -- makes perfect sense that they'd be inclined to herd large cats, too. I'm sure they have some amazing photos!

Posted by: Antonia Balfour | Mar 15, 2008 6:42:57 PM

This is a great story. Another confirmation of how important dogs are to not just their humans but other animals too. Dogs Rock!!

Posted by: Miss Rae | Mar 6, 2008 2:26:22 PM

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