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A Few More Indelible Dogs

Otto Wardjpg Schwarztattoo Crouse1 Our story about dog tattoos (in the April 2008 issue)  continues to spark arf appreciation. Andrea Newborg of Diamondhead, Mississippi, said she was thrilled to see she was not alone in her adoration of tattoos and dogs. Hardly! Otto, her Dachshund’s name, is tattooed on her arm as are paw prints. A calligraphy-style wiener dog is inked on her lower back, and (in the posted photo) on her chest along with yin-yang Dachshunds. She writes that she plans on getting several more tattoos "when cash flow permits, LOL!”

Caroline Ward of St. James, N.Y., memorialized her dog Geri, after she passed suddenly at only four years old from complications of Addison’s Disease. “Getting the tattoo of her on my calf has helped me with closure,” Ward wrote in an email.

When Chris Splendoria’s bulldog Schwarz died of heat stroke in 2003, he got this memorial portrait on his arm. Schwarz was a gift to Splendoria’s girlfriend only two years earlier.

Michele Crouse, a dog trainer and bully lover in Texas, pays tribute to "all 'Pit Bulls' killed by ignorance and fear" with this winged dog. Learn more about Crouse's efforts on behalf of Bull breeds and the disheartening story of a dog named Clutch at her MySpace page/blog.

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