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April Showers Bring More Tattoos

Robie RussoSadietatt_3 Sadie20milestanding_3 Back from a short trip to Banff to discover a half-dozen more dog tattoos in the old in-box. It's so much fun to open the jpegs and discover all the different styles. BARk readers are a creative crowd.

Robie Pedro
from Honolulu has a tattoo of his two pit bulls on his lower left leg. They passed away in 2005, when they were 14 years old. “Now they are with me where ever I go,” Pedro writes.

Alan (short for Alan Alda), a Red Heeler-mix proudly displayed on S’rae Russo’s calf, was created by artist-painter-tattooist-vet tech Jen Lee Gallagher in Denver. If you're jonesing for a dog tatt and live near the Mile High City, you might want to check her out: Russo says that Gallagher is starting to specialize in “pet portraits."

Matthew Shields’ tattoo of his dog, Sadie (see photo), was rendered in Alaskan Native art style by his friend Bob Cefalo. The tattoo lives on his hip; he and Sadie (a seven-year-old Labrador-mix) live in Girdwood, Alaska.

Lisa Wogan

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