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Woman Bites Stray To Protect Her Dog

47f500365c40c117x165Amy Rice of Minneapolis, MN, bit a stray dog to stop its attack on her senior Labrador Retriever, Ella (pictured here). Rice says it was an instinctive last resort. I understand the urge to protect our dogs at any cost, but I don't think I would ever consider biting a dog as a defensive maneuver. What are your thoughts?

Julia Kamysz Lane

April 8, 2008 in Current Affairs, Health, Humane, Legislation, media | Permalink


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I would do anything I had to to protect my dog. Including biting a pit bull. Although I would probably go back for the pit bull to take him to the vet, as such behavior is representative of a bad owner, not a bad dog.

Posted by: jenni watson | Apr 28, 2008 8:28:40 PM

I feel a little guilty for admitting it, but I think I would have done it too. I followed the links to the news articles, and the pit bull crushed the aging lab's ear canal and had the poor dog's throat in its mouth. If I had to watch that? To have that fear of seeing a dog you've loved and cared for 12 years possibly die because of someone else's neglect?

Posted by: Matt Rothschild | Apr 12, 2008 5:08:40 AM

Did her false teeth come out while on the bite?

Posted by: Richard Laplante | Apr 9, 2008 5:22:22 PM

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