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A Little More Tattoo Attitude

Img_0502 Ellenthedog_low_res Millie_and_yvette Trinity3 Turtle in Tucson, Arizona, modeled her tattoo (upper left) on a doodle drawn by a coworker during a staff meeting. It doesn’t matter that the simple drawing of a Snoopy-style puppy with a flower and a butterfly doesn’t look a lot like its subject. (See the photo of Ellen, Turtle's Ridgeback/Boxer mix.) “She had many claims to fame, most notably riding across the country with my partner and I on our tandem bicycle,” Turtle wrote about Ellen in an email to us.

Yvette Stayduhar
’s tattoo (upper right) was inspired by her two passions: dogs and her bakery. She and her husband own Ann Arbor Biscuit Co., an organic and all-natural pet treat bakery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her tattoo features a rescued Pit Bull puppy named Millie and a spatula and whisk. One of Stayduhar’s three dogs, Millie works at the shop everyday and is in training for her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certificates. (They also have two cats.)

“I wanted to send this photo along to show everyone the brighter side of Pit Bull tattoos,” Stayduhar wrote. “A happy, responsibly-raised and completely spoiled rotten Pit Bull emblazoned on my ankle.”

A realistic portrait of a four-year-old pug named Trinity with a custom bone is how Phil Caseria of New Britain, Connecticut, captured his furry friend (lower left).

Lisa Wogan

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I'm planning to have my first tattoo and I want it to be my name and its on a Japanese characters. I just didn't know yet where to place it. Can you guy give me some hint on where to best place it?

Posted by: Holey Skin | Jun 20, 2008 10:58:46 PM

More tattoo pictures and stories please!! I'd like to add mine!

Posted by: charli | Jun 8, 2008 1:57:27 PM

I've really enjoyed the pictures of dog tattos! I have a tatoo of a dog paw on my ankle to show my love for my dogs & I'm so excited to see others feel the same way! So I say MORE dog tatto pictures!!

Posted by: Wendy | May 31, 2008 8:16:33 PM

Do we really need another blog entry (after 20 or so) every time you find another doggy tattoo?

Please move on to something more interesting.

Posted by: Bored With Tattoos | May 8, 2008 4:16:29 PM

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