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Dog Is My Co-Pilot…Again?

BioArts, a California biotech company, will auction five opportunities to clone dogs on June 18. Bidding in the venture it calls Best Friends Again starts at $100,000 per dog. Last I heard, a South Korean scientist’s efforts to clone an Afghan Hound had been discredited. But, according to a New York Times story last week, BioArts’s chief executive has successfully cloned his late Border Collie-Husky three times already. (And that South Korean scientist, Hwang Woo Suk, is part of the team that did it.)

So apparently the how of cloning dogs as been answered. What I can't figure is the why.

Lisa Wogan

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While I believe that the science of cloning can hold many different great things for our future, what is the need for cloning our pets? It's a little weird and sick to me, and I just don't understand the strange thought process behind it.

Posted by: Barbara | Sep 1, 2008 1:27:46 PM

Yikes. As much as I am hopelessly devoted to my Louis and Ella Bean, I plan to let them go peacefully, when their time comes. Cloning is just tooo creepy for me. Besides, on a totally superficial level, I want to try another color Cavalier some day!

Posted by: Hilary R. | Jun 5, 2008 5:14:58 PM

Personally I feel cloning is WRONG for so many reasons. But without getting into all of those reasons...I must ask are we really that selfish that we need to have the same dog over again? What about all the other wonderful dogs you could meet in your life? Each one teaches you something new and makes you understand yourself just a little bit better. Will we be stuck with the same, the boring if we continue with the same dog? And doesn't this just open the can of worms into cloning your family members....SCARY!!! We must learn to deal with death as it is inevitable and learn to see it as part of the bigger whole. Dogs, I believe, come into our life to help us and personally I have many lessons to learn and although I will miss my sweet girl when she leaves this world, I am still looking forward to that next beautiful relationship.

Posted by: Nicole | Jun 4, 2008 4:15:37 PM

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Posted by: Ed Reed | May 29, 2008 4:43:46 PM

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