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Another Pet Food Recall

If your dog dines on Timberwolf Organics, be sure to read this press release. The company is recalling two formulas that were produced with these three specific "best by" dates: Dakota Bison, best by 02/12/09; Ocean Blue, best by 02/20/09; and Ocean Blue, best by 03/08/09. For more information, please email customer.support@timberwolforganics.com or call (407) 877-8779.

Julia Kamysz Lane

June 5, 2008 in Current Affairs, Dogs and science, Food, Health, Legislation | Permalink


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Well that explains why my dog has been sick for a MONTH. I wish Timberwolf would pay for the $800 worth of vet appts and tests we’ve had done in the past few weeks.

Posted by: AA | Jul 28, 2008 10:46:52 AM

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