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One Final Batch of Tattoos

Demonchaser Tatoo_and_rain_001 Caplan I haven’t posted any dog-inspired tattoos for awhile, though readers continue to share their body art with us. I've decided I'd to get a few more of these wonderful tributes up on the blog as a final chapter for our dog tattoos story (which originally ran in the March/April 2008 issue). Thanks to everyone for sharing their creations and stories with us. (Remember to click on the image to see an enlarged version.)

Heidi Patten wrote, “I’ve been a BARk subscriber for awhile now and was just recently telling my husband that I needed to contact you guys to inquire when you would be running a story regarding people getting tattoos of their pets. Then, voila, my April issue arrived with your story regarding tattoos.” Heidi got her tattoo in February 2006 for her 44th birthday. “Our Boston Terrier, Duke, came into my life during a very dark and critical time and pulled me back from the brink of hell. I collect gargoyles, so I appropriately turned Duke into my very own personal “demon chaser.” [Top, left.] My husband refers to him as ‘Heidi’s Prozac.’ What more can I say?”

Kathy Forslund
of Danville, Virginia, was in her mid-40s when she “finally got up enough nerve to get a tattoo [top, second from left],” she says. “Being a dog lover of course I chose a puppy.” Christine Caplan of Portland, Oregon, got her tattoo in May. “I LOVE my tat SO much and couldn’t wait to share it with the world,” she wrote about her tattoo (top, right). “It represents the legacy of dogs in my life… all of whom I’m madly in love with."

TerrilynnCindy Crafty Terrilynn Csorba from Albuquerque, New Mexico, also got a tattoo this spring of her 16-month-old American Cattle Dog–mix named Isaac (far left). A yellow Lab named Sadie (center left) is Cindy Lowry's best friend. They live in Buena Park, California, where Sadie is a certified therapy dog, certified narcotics detection dog and rides a jet ski with Cindy. "She is the love of my life. I say that she 'always has my back'" -- literally! A print from the right front paw of Crafty, a German Wirehaired Pointer, is tattooed on the calf of his 14-year best buddy, Penny Meister from Bend, Oregon.

Jeff_danielle Pugtatt Danielle Pickett of Albuquerque got a paw in a heart tattoo (far left) in memory of Shasta, a Pekingese who was her best friend for 14 years. David Binder, also known as PugDaddy, lives in Loganville, Georgia, where he and his wife are active in Pug rescue groups. They have four Pugs (three are rescues) and a rescued Boxer, and they are fostering a seven-month-old Pug-mix. The day after Thanksgiving 2007, they lost one of their beloved Pugs in a "tragic household accident." "Totally devastated" by the loss, David had a photographic image of PollyAnna (near left) tattooed on his chest "over my heart."

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