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Charge It for Guide Dogs

Instead of accumulating credit to redeem at REI or racking up miles on Alaska Airlines, how about raising awareness and cash for guide dogs every time you use your VISA card? This week, Guide Dogs for the Blind announced a new platinum VISA that kicks .3% of all net retail transactions and $50 for every new account to this estimable organization. Get the details here.

Lisa Wogan

July 24, 2008 in Cool stuff | Permalink


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You might want to know that Guide Dogs for the Blind has come out very strongly against off-leash dog walking at Fort Funston in San Francisco. I had heard of this and sent them a letter inquiring as to the reasoning. The head guy sent me a nasty letter informing me of all the off-leash dog attacks across the country on blind people and their guide dogs. I had invited him to visit Fort Funston and he said that it would be unnecessary since he had heard all about it.
My wife and I found this to be very disconcerting since we had been contributing to Guide Dogs, attending the "Graduations", and had personal friends among their staff.

Posted by: Jim Krotzer | Aug 10, 2008 6:56:58 PM

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