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Two Dogs Found Five Years Later!

New0xx81872Talk about inspiring! Rocco the Beagle (left) was reunited with his Bronx family after five long years. I thought that was a unique story until I read about the return of Bo the Collie (right) to his suburban Chicago family. He had been missing for five years, too! Both dogs safely returned home thanks to being microchipped. If you haven't already done so, please microchip your dog to ensure he always finds his way home.

Julia Kamysz Lane

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*Tips for preventing your dogs from getting lost:
*Pet-proof your yard fence so your cat or dog will be safely confined. Be sure to check your fence regularly for new escape routes.
*Keep fence gates securely locked. This is for the safety of both your pet and any visitors (wanted or unwanted).
*Never allow your pets to roam free in the neighborhood. Leash them at all times.
*Always leash them when taking them anywhere. If a dog gets loose in an unfamiliar area its chances of ever finding its way home are practically nil.
*Get some good photos of your pet now, before it's too late.
*Train your pet (cat or dog) to associate an "Dog Whistle" with pleasant things. Blow the whistle each time just before you feed them. They will then be more likely to come running to you when you use the whistle to find them when they are lost.

Stop Lost DOGS!!!

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