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Crufts Exposed

In our desire to make life better for dogs, we fight against backyard breeders and puppy mills but earlier this week these efforts were joined by a BBC documentary that casts a glaring, unflattering light on the world of breeding show dogs. Based on two years of research, “Pedigree Dogs Exposed” explores the devastating health consequences of breeding for the show ring. Through interviews with scientists, vets, historians, activists and representatives from the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the documentary catalogs how many purebred dogs suffer severe illness, pain, discomfort, disability and deformities -- including champions.

The tough documentary paints a portrait of the UK's pedigree dog establishment (including the 135-year-old Kennel Club, born out of the eugenics movement, and it's jewel-in-the-crown dog show, Crufts). The majority of these breeder/judges reject science and seem prepared to sacrifice the health, happiness and future of purebred dogs to protect their "ideals" of beauty and breed standard. This is MUST viewing (available at YouTube) but be warned it's not easy to watch. (10/11/08: I noticed recordings of  the documentary have been removed from YouTube.)

Lisa Wogan

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This is an absolutely disgusting situation, and you were certainly right when you said it wasn't easy to watch. What kind of people are these? They're ruining the health of these animals, and what's more they don't care. They should go to jail for a very long time.

Posted by: Barbara | Sep 1, 2008 1:25:13 PM

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