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An Epic Pup Rescue

I shadowed Fresno-based pet detective Kat Albrecht for the August 2006 issue of BARk. Albrecht is the founder of the Missing Pet Partnership and author of two books about her experiences and the science of finding lost pets. So I was thrilled when I learned earlier this year that she had moved her operation -- complete with several pet-detection dogs and two target cats -- to my neck of the woods to start Seattle Pet Hunters.

I ran into Albrecht this weekend at a walk to benefit PAWS (the Progressive Animal Welfare Society) in Lynnwood, and she told me about an epic, two-month effort to rescue Sophie, a skittish, 7-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog who had slipped her collar in June. We're talking stake-outs, hidden cameras, infrared lighting -- the works. Albrecht has posted an extensive diary and intriguing night video. Check it out.

Lisa Wogan

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