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Michelle Obama Talks Dog

A shelter mutt in the White House? About as likely as a biracial president with an African name. Hmmm. I may be jumping ahead by imagining Kongs in the Oval Office, but one thing is now for sure: When Malia and Sasha Obama get their post-election pup, they’ll adopt that lucky dog from a shelter, rescue or foster situation. No pet stores or breeders for them. That's good judgment.

Lisa Wogan

October 11, 2008 in Cool stuff | Permalink


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I do commend the Obama's for planning to rescue their future pup..but I don't think implying that those who choose to get a dog from a responsible, reputable breeder is bad judgment. I consider myself a good, responsible dog owner who happened to get hers from a breeder. I spent months researching and looking for what would fit my lifestyle, criteria, etc. and fell in love with a dog whose breed I could not find in rescue (I did look). He's an uncommon breed, and even finding/screening a breeder with puppies took time and luck. His breed is even considered vulnerable and I am glad there are still fantastic breeders out there carrying on the lines.

While I am planning on rescuing my next dog, I certainly don't regret going through this process with a breeder to find my best friend.

Posted by: Melissa | Oct 23, 2008 9:21:22 AM

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