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Does Petland Support Puppy Mills?

Petland_screenshot An eight-month-long investigation by the Humane Society of the United States alleges that Petland, the nation's largest puppy retailer, sells puppies from large-scale commercial breeders (otherwise known as puppy mills), despite telling customers that the pups come from reputable breeders. Last time I checked, reputable breeders do not sell puppies to be treated like retail merchandise, nor do they keep dogs in cages their entire lives, or dump or shoot them when they can no longer breed. Watch the "Petland Linked to Puppy Mills" video for more details.

Julia Kamysz Lane     

November 20, 2008 in Current Affairs, Health, Humane, Legislation, media | Permalink


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The easiest action is to buy from only stores that sell food and supplies for animals. If they sell pets - I'm out of there.

Posted by: Rose Marie Jones | Jan 2, 2009 4:07:14 PM

Just so we are clear, those videos used were from a previous investigation which had nothing to do with petland but were actually videos from an investigation done years ago. Please get your facts straight before you go posting blogs. Also petland started a program years ago called Adopt-A-Pet which has placed over 270,000 pups and kitties into loving homes. The HSUS owns no adoption shelters and no rescue facilities. So how could they be helping the problem. Petland refuses breeders who use puppy mill conditions and arent USDA approved. So please understand that there are two sides to every story and you cant believe everything you hear or read. Just want you to understand the other side of the story. thanks

Posted by: andy | Jan 2, 2009 4:07:03 PM

If people stopped buying puppies from pet stores, it would eventually drive the puppy mills out of business. The best place to buy a dog is from a reputable breeder.

Posted by: Marc | Jan 2, 2009 4:06:50 PM

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