New pet-cancer guide

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University recently launched an online video guide to cancer in pets. If you're facing this diagnosis in your dog (or cat) for the first time, or have a friend in that unenviable position, I'd recommend this clear, sensitive introduction to diagnosis, detection, treatment and research.

Lisa Wogan

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A Selected Short by Merrill Markoe

Oh! Le crisis! Where's Lassie when you need her?

Let us say up front that we know there's nothing even remotely amusing about a heart attack. But, since this piece is a skit, not a documentary, from Merrill Markoe--one of our favorite writers--we're pointing you to it.

There was much laughing in the Bark office as we watched this short video, perhaps because each of us could easily imagine our own dogs in a similar situation. (By the way, If you love books as much as dogs, you'll find lots to enjoy on this Red Room site.)

Susan Tasaki

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Dog Feels Just Ducky!

If you need a reason to smile, click on this funny grooming video featuring a persistent Mallard duck and a patient (though tad confused) Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I guess the Staffy was pretty dirty! And for anyone who doesn’t understand why breed-specific legislation is unfair, direct them to this American Pit Bull Terrier with her fluffy friends. I must warn you; there are a TON of dog vs. cute creature videos on You Tube, so you could be watching them all day long if you’re not careful!


Julia Kamysz Lane

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